About us

— “To some people, we’re simply known as The Stone Guys™.”


Thanks for visiting our site and investigating the Paragon Stone difference. You’re in the company of many builders, contractors and end users who continue to turn to us for exceptional products that deliver superior results. If you have any questions about our product or installation, you’ll find us just a click or phone call away.


Paragon Stone is based in Northeast Ohio and serves the construction needs of architects, builders, and homeowners throughout the country. We eat, breathe and live stones. The natural beauty around us inspires us to create veneers that mimic life. With almost 20 years of experience we’ve seen a lot of companies come and go. We’ve also witnessed “quality” stones go bad. So we set out to create a company that set the standard of excellence. You see, we just don’t provide a superior product, we provide a superior experience all around. Instinctively, you’ll know you’re dealing with a company who just “gets it.”


From insightful design to thoughtful packaging, our desire is to make your job easier. After all, building materials shouldn’t get in the way of your creative vision. To that end, our business model is one built around you. We understand your needs because we’ve been in the trenches and know the nuances of working with architectural stone veneer. Through years of hands-on experience and getting to know the concerns of builders and architects, we’ve created a refined product and company. How can we assist you today?