Summit Ledge

Strong, grand, bold–all perfect ways of describing Paragon Stone’s Summit Ledge. We were moved by this rock’s natural, simple beauty and have faithfully recreated it in Summit Ledge. Its warm color palette and exquisite textures complement a variety of residential and commercial applications.

LENGTH RANGE 5 to 23 inches; HEIGHT RANGE 1 to 8 inches

Amaretto Summit Ledge

Amaretto Mountain Ledge

Bluegrass Summit Ledge

Bluegrass Mountain Ledge

Catalpa Summit Ledge

Catalpa Mountain Ledge

Chestnut Summit Ledge

Chestnut Mountain Ledge

Laredo Summit Ledge

Laredo Mountain Ledge

Monterey Summit Ledge

Monterey Mountain Ledge

Poplar Bluff Summit Ledge

Poplar Bluff Mountain Ledge

Sierra Summit Ledge

Sierra Mountain Ledge

Wisconsin Summit Ledge

Wisconsin Mountain Ledge